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At Vetpool, we recognise that the careful placement of veterinary professionals can help to develop a quality practice into an outstanding one. Our ultimate aim is career satisfaction, which in turn enables customer satisfaction. This is why we feel passionately about connecting talent and expertise for the benefit and fulfilment of all. Vetpool is about working together in harmony to an overarching value of excellence; this is why we put all our energy into finding placements that are perfect for both parties.

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Veterinary Acupuncture

The ABVA has been providing high quality Continued Professional Development for veterinary surgeons since the 1990s. It is the only UK based organisation to provide a Foundation Course with training in both Western and Traditional Acupuncture.
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The Rise of Veterinary Telemedicine

The current crisis has arguably been the biggest driver for digital transformation in recent years. Electronic communications are playing a vital role in the human healthcare sector and veterinary medicine is following suit.
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