Our Vision, Mission & Values

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What Sets us Apart?

It Matters to Us

Here at Vetpool, we want to inspire Vet professionals into their long-term careers where they are happy, settled and rewarded thereby in turn, creating an outstanding veterinary team. Our vision is to create a team of like-minded individuals that will grow a respected company that will deliver on its commitments. We want to be the natural choice in veterinary recruitment.
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Value One


Bringing good people together! We want to make a positive impact in the lives of all our Candidates and Clients to deliver the best possible outcome.
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Value Two


Having a reputation for excellence and integrity will be at the heart of Vetpool.
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Value Three

Attitude is Everything!

Everything is achievable with a positive attitude.
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Value Four


Building strong relationships with our clients and candidates that last due to a rewarding experience.
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Value Five


We will deliver on all our commitments. Vetpool promotes open communication and career satisfaction.
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Value Six

Break Our Own Glass Ceilings

We develop daily and it is important to us that Vetpool is Innovative and Visionary.

About VetPool

Welcome to Vetpool and thank you for visiting our site.

If you are an experienced Veterinary professional or an organisation that seeks them, you are in the right place as we are experts in  Veterinary Recruitment.

Our service is built upon enduring relationships where trust, respect and transparency are critical. Our clients rely on us to deliver high quality professional Vets who are referenced, assessed and carefully selected. Our talented Vets value our advice because our goal is to support their career aspirations. Above all, we seek to make introductions that both enhance careers and provide great outcomes for our clients.

Vetpool was established by Nicola Baird who was inspired to set up her own company due to her love of animals, being medically minded and experienced within the Veterinary recruitment sector.

Our Motto:
Great Communication

Nicola Baird

Founder & Managing Director
We are here for you to make the process of job searching or recruiting an enjoyable experience. Our preference is to only work with experienced and talented veterinary professionals and connect them to respected practices and Veterinary organisations. I love placing candidates into their perfect roles and building strong connections with my clients. Whatever you are looking for, we work together to make it work for you and enhance your career and help your practice reach its full potential.