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Can You Have Cats and Dogs Living Together?

Despite what you might have heard, cats and dogs can live a harmonious life as housemates. This unique relationship can be rewarding for both species. The animals learn to adapt to their playmate’s temperament and most definitely benefit from cuddles and mutual grooming. This isn’t the case in every situation but, under the right conditions, there’s a good chance your cat and your dog can at least learn to tolerate one another.
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How Pets Have Helped During the Pandemic

It’s safe to say that many of us have turned to our pets to help us endure this challenging time. In fact, demand for adopting or fostering pets has soared in the past year, as people have turned to furry companions to help them cope amid lengthy lockdowns.
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Reducing Pet Stress During a Return to Work

With the end of lockdown finally in sight and the hope of some form of normality returning, many of us are preparing to go back to work on a regular basis. As we try to get used to our new routines, different surroundings and increased stress levels, our pets are experiencing the same anxieties as they face life after lockdown without their owners.
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