Flying the Flag for Yorkshire

Posted 6 Weeks Ago

We work with fantastic veterinary practices all over the UK. We're based in the heart of Yorkshire, which is often a focal point for our vets and love of all creatures (great and small!).

The Yorkshire Vet (Channel 5) embodies all that is uniquely special about veterinary surgeons. A true love of animals is undoubtedly an essential quality. Of course, our county vets have enormous skill and compassion. The real-life vets, Peter Wright and James Norton allow viewers to see their procedures and some of the more testing times. They are beyond committed and work all hours to bring their knowledge and research together for the good of both the animals and humans involved. For without our beloved pets and farm animals where would we be?

All Things Bright and Beautiful

For those of us who live in God’s own county, the beautiful countryside comes as standard, but we Yorkshire-folk never take it for granted. The dry-stone walls of the dales; the waterfalls at Aysgarth; Malham Cover; the White Horse of Kilburn…

Below this landmark is the market town of Thirsk where “All Creatures Great and Small” was filmed. This TV series shone a light upon the real world of James Herriot. Based on the 1930’s Thirsk practice, the programme served to highlight the heritage of veterinary care in Yorkshire. Whilst we wax lyrical about our home county, it is true that across the length and breadth of our country we love our animals. We need and appreciate our veterinary surgeons whatever their niche – be it equine; exotic; zoological; farm or the family pet.

In Demand Skills for Vets

Vets all have their own specific qualities, but after a thorough course in veterinary science receive the necessary accreditations. However, some vital personal qualities are also sought by employers. Here are five key skills which are very much in demand:

1.          Initiative

The ability to take action and lead in a situation is a promising attribute. Showing initiative and leadership qualities – overcoming challenges and stepping up to the mark when needed will be welcomed by employers and instil confidence in colleagues.

2.          Teamwork

It is important to value the professional team in a practice. Working together, you will promote a positive working and caring environment by offering your help when others are under pressure.

3.          Motivation

The motivation to learn and the determination to achieve will demonstrate your resilience and drive to be the best you can be.

4.          Organisation

Organisational skills and impeccable time management are key to being productive, efficient, informative and energised. Veterinary work is demanding, so a clear mind and workspace will allow challenges to be met.

5.          Communication

Excellent communication skills are vital. The ability to understand and relay information is key to the correct diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Listening to the concerns of clients and their wishes and being able to empathise is essential. A good vet knows that animals mean a lot and in some cases everything to people. A very good vet feels for the animal itself. An exceptional vet can put themselves in other people’s shoes and act accordingly.

So, James Herriot? Peter Wright? James Norton? Whoever your veterinary idol is we could all work on these key veterinary attributes in our own daily lives.

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